Eating for Musculoskeletal Health and General Wellbeing

Soraya Saffarinia

Soraya Saffarinia

Research has shown over the past decade that what you eat can affect your musculoskeletal health.  Diet, physical activity, heredity, bone and joint health, it’s all connected.  Because of this, we’ve recently added nutritional counseling services for patients who are seeking assistance adjusting their diets to improve their overall health.

Nutrition Consultant, Soraya Saffarinia, works with patients to help them understand how whole-foods nutrition can be used to promote health and to prevent illness.  Ms. Saffarinia offers patients a nutritional plan to fit their particular needs.  She also offers food sensitivity testing in our office, via Cyrex Labs.

As a holistic nutritionist, Ms. Saffarinia consults with clients to:

  • Educate them in food and nutrition
  • Identify, and support imbalances in the body
  • Design an individualized nutritional and lifestyle program to optimize their health while recognizing individual temperament, life stage, food traditions, metabolic tendencies and needs as well as their health conditions

Ms. Saffarinia offers a series of three consultations with her clients, to monitor progress and to modify their nutritional program as needed.

It is my pleasure to be helping patients with their nutrition needs at Sebastopol Orthopaedics.  In holistic nutrition we believe in ‘prevention with nutrition rather than treatment with medication’. We consider the whole person; the physical and the emotional well-being. One has a direct effect on the other. We support people in achieving optimal health and create a paradigm shift in the way our world thinks about food. We strive to raise awareness about the way people consume food, from convenience to conscious eating.

I am especially interested in nutrition for age-related diseases such as: osteoporosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. If I can help even one individual have a better life by improving his health, then I have served my mission. – Soraya Saffarinia, Nutritional Consultant

For more information or to make an appointment for services, please contact our office today at (707) 823-7602.

More about Ms. Saffarinia:


National Association of Nutrition Professionals

Education & Experience:

Nutrition Consultant, Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition

B.S. in Biology and Chemistry with concentration in Physiology, Sonoma State University

20 Years experience in food production

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