Chronic hip pain can make even the simplest physical activity difficult.

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At Sebastopol Orthopaedics, we know that regular physical activity, unhindered by pain, is an important part of maintaining health as we age. That’s why we recommend Anterior approach hip replacement to many of our patients who have exhausted other non-surgical treatment options and are still suffering.

Using the Anterior approach, our surgeons are able to access the hip joint using smaller incisions than other surgical techniques, and without cutting through the patient’s muscle. ¬†While every patient is different, a majority of our patients who have this procedure are up and walking the same day and are able to resume normal physical activity within weeks of the surgery.


Chronic hip pain doesn't have to mean an end to doing your favorite activities. We have the expertise you are looking for right here in Sonoma County. Call us today at (707) 823-7602, to make an appointment to be seen, and to learn more about available treatment options.

Our surgeons have been trained in Makoplasty for hip replacement and have been using the Anterior approach technique longer than anyone in the North Bay.


Dr. Michael Bollinger


Dr. Bruce Bragonier