Sebastopol Orthopaedics is a family-oriented practice dedicated to helping people of all ages lead healthy, active lives by promoting musculoskeletal health. Sebastopol Orthopaedics offers caring, hands-on treatment for chronic joint damage, as well as for sports-related and pediatric injuries.


Our doctors are experienced, board-certified orthopaedic surgeons, offering surgical and non-surgical treatment for the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal concerns, including hip, knee, shoulder and hand injuries. They employ the most sophisticated pain management techniques available to minimize patients’ discomfort throughout treatment. They also use methods developed by plastic surgeons to reduce soft-tissue swelling and scarring, thus enabling patients to recover more quickly and completely.


Our physicians believe in taking the time to understand patients’ concerns, answer questions, and thoroughly explain treatment options.  By devoting time to communication,  our doctors are able to help each individual select the most appropriate plan of treatment and understand the steps necessary to recovery.

Our doctors believe that well informed patients are better equipped to participate in the recovery process.

Quality of Care

The physicians at Sebastopol Orthopaedics understand that every facet of care is important to the ultimate well being of the patient, from the moment patients step through the door, to the post-treatment follow-up. The office personnel at Sebastopol Orthopaedics office are knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive. Every member of the team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care.

When surgery is necessary, Sebastopol Orthopaedics works closely with the health care professionals at Palm Drive Hospital to offer patients the best overall surgical and post-surgical experience. Our doctors believe that Palm Drive offers a unique combination of superior health care professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and individualized attention to patient comfort.

Quality of Life

Because our doctors are sports enthusiasts themselves, they understand that physical activity, whether walking, running, cycling, or even snow boarding, adds immeasurably to a person’s quality of life.

Our physicians take pride in helping patients resume the activities they love.